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Friday, June 28, 7pm
In Collaboration with UCSF Health Humanities Program
Jack Nisbet Presents his book
The Dreamer and the Doctor:
A Forest Lover and a Physician on the Edge of the Frontier

The Dreamer and the Doctor, by Jack Nisbet

In the turn-of-the-century Northwest, the lives and passions of an American physician and her Swedish naturalist husband helped shape a territory on the cusp of change.

Dr. Carrie Leiberg, a pioneer physician, fought hard for public health while nurturing both a troubled son and a fruit orchard. Her husband, John Leiberg, was a Swedish immigrant and self-taught naturalist who transformed himself from pickax Idaho prospector to special field agent for the US Forest Commission and warned Washington DC of ecological devastation of public lands.

Jack Nisbet is the author of several collections of essays that explore the human and natural history of the Northwest, including Purple Flat Top, Visible Bones, and Ancient Places. He has also written award-winning biographies of fur agent and cartographer David Thompson (Sources of the River ) and naturalist David Douglas (The Collector).

In conjunction with LaborFest 2019:
Monday, July 8, 7pm

David Walters, co-editor of
The Selected Works of Eugene V. Debs V.1,
Building Solidarity on the Tracks, 1877–1892

Selected Works of Eugene V Debs V.1, cover

This book makes readily accessible documents by one of the pivotal figures in the labor movement. Illuminating nineteenth century working-class history, particularly the complex and shifting situation in the transportation industry, this volume provides a basis for deeper understanding of Debs and his role later during the glory days of the Socialist Party of America. In 1912, he also went to jail for opposing the First World War, and while in prison ran for president and received 6 % of the vote.
In conjunction with LaborFest 2019:
Sunday, July 28, 5pm

Mitchell Cohen talks about his new book
The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup: The Politics of Pesticides

The fight Against Monsanto's Roundup, not the cover

Last year, former Benicia Unified School District groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson won a settlement for the cancer he got as a result of using Round Up produced by Monsanto, which was bought by Bayer. The herbicide glyphosate has caused cancer in workers and members of our community at large. In the trial it was discovered that Monsanto had conspired to keep medical information secret which showed this was a dangerous substance, and Johnson’s likely death will be the result of their negligence in pursuit of profits. Cohen looks at the politics behind the pesticide chemical industry, and why it is not being held accountable.

The San Francisco Labor Council this year also passed a resolution calling on the California Attorney General to remove “Round Up” from the shelves in California.

Special appearance by Juror #4 from the landmark verdict against Monsanto in the trial with the Benicia School District Groundskeeper with terminal cancer.

Wednesday, August 21, 7pm
The End of the End of the World Literary Café Presents:
Benjamin Heim Shephard and Lynn Breedlove

Hosted by James Tracy, author of Dispatches Against Displacement (AK Press), Hillbilly Nationalists (Beacon Press) and the forthcoming (with Hilary Moore) No Fascist USA! The John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and Lessons for Today's Movements (City Lights)

Illuminations on Market St, cover
Illuminations on Market Street is a heartbreaking, bitterly funny, and revelatory look back at a time of crisis in San Francisco, at the height of the AIDS epidemic. This roman à clef proves the personal is political. It was written with great insight and punishing honesty by veteran social justice and queer activist Benjamin Heim Shepard. The writer of several nonfiction books about politics and the counterculture, Shepard mined the contents of a personal journal from 30 years ago to create a slightly fictionalized saga of a city under siege and the souls in freefall who populated it.
45 Thought Crimes (Manic D Press) is Lynn Breedlove’s new book about spirituality for skeptics, in the body of the beloved. It's church at a punk show, a letter to bees, a map in a crisis, a guidebook to histories, to love in a riot. Compassionate table flipping, commitment to the tactile, a swipe at the inevitable. Breedlove is also the author of the novel Godspeed, singer for the bands Tribe 8 / Homobiles / Commando, and writer/performer of Lynnee Breedlove's One Freak Show. His work won him the 2012 Harvey Milk LGBT Club Award for Activism.

Sunday, October 6, 5pm
with Alan Bernheimer and Julian Talamantez Brolaski

Alan Bernheimer’s latest collection of poetry is From Nature (Cuneiform Press, 2019). Recent work has appeared at Across the Margin and at SFMOMA’s Open Space and in The Equalizer, The Delineator, and Hambone. The Spoonlight Institute was published by Adventures in Poetry in 2009. Born and raised in Manhattan, he has lived in the Bay Area since the 1970s. He produces a portrait gallery of poets reading on flickr. His translation of Philippe Soupault’s memoir, Lost Profiles: Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism, was published by City Lights in 2016.

Julian Talamantez Brolaski is the author of Of Mongrelitude (Wave Books, 2017), Advice for Lovers (City Lights, 2012), gowanus atropolis (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011), and coeditor of NO GENDER: Reflections on the Life & Work of kari edwards (Litmus Press/Belladonna Books, 2009). Its pronoun is it. It is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the country bands Juan & the Pines (NYC) and The Western Skyline (Oakland). Brolaski is currently researching and editing The Apache Pollen Path (University of New Mexico Press, 2020), a book on Mescalero Apache ceremony, with its grandmother, Inés Talamantez.

Sunday, December 8, 10am-6pm
The 6th Annual Howard Zinn Book Fair
City College San Francisco, 1125 Valencia Street

The theme of this year’s book fair is “Strike! Discovering Our Power.” We selected this theme to celebrate the ways in which everyday people discover their ability to work together and change the world.

The Howard Zinn Book Fair features vendors from many small presses and community groups, hosting dozens of workshops, readings, panels and performances and is accepting session proposals until July 15th at  We welcome all proposals that reflect Howard Zinn’s legacy of “A People’s History”.


Drowned River
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Drowned River, cover

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