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Tuesday, May 31, 7pm
A Reading with Poets Julien Poirier and Bill Berkson

Julian Poirier and Bill Berkson

Part of the Spotlight series from City Lights Publishers, Julien Poirier’s new book is Out of Print, his third full-length collection, a truly bicoastal volume, reflecting the poet's years in New York as well as his return to his Bay Area roots. Consider it a meetinghouse between late New York School and contemporary California surrealism, a series of quips intercepted from America's underground poetry telegraph, or an absurdist mirror held up to consumerist culture.

"Welcome Julien Poirier! What a distinct inspired voice. His work is abundant in surprise. His musical, often bonkers play of language is, for me, a source of delight & revelation."––David Meltzer

Bill Berkson will be reading from his recent books, Portrait and Dream and Expect Delays, both from Coffee House Press, as well as from his new book from Ugly Duckling Presse, Invisible Oligarchs: Russian Notebook.

“A wonderful docu-mini-epic with book lists, ancestries, politics, memorabilia, correspondence, photos to boot, and most of all the kinetic minute-to-minute jottings of a restless “on” consciousness.” Anne Waldman on Invisible Oligarchs

Julien Poirier grew up in the Bay Area and now, he’s back. He has taught poetry in New York public schools and at San Quentin State Prison.   
Bill Berkson was born in New York in 1939. He moved to Northern California in 1970. He is a poet, critic, sometime curator, and professor emeritus at the SF Art Institute, where he taught art history and literature for many years.

Thursday, June 2, 7pm
David Pilgrim presents his book
Understanding Jim Crow: Using Racist Memorabilia to Teach Tolerance and Promote Social Justice

understanding jim crow

Understanding Jim Crow
, published by PM Press, Oakland, introduces readers to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, a collection of more than ten thousand contemptible collectibles that are used to engage visitors in intense and intelligent discussions about race, race relations, and racism. The items in the Jim Crow Museum served to dehumanize blacks and legitimized patterns of prejudice, discrimination, and segregation.

Many Americans are already apprehensive discussing race relations, especially in settings where their ideas are challenged. The museum and this book exist to help overcome our collective trepidation and reluctance to talk about race.

Fully illustrated, and with context provided by the museum’s founder and director David Pilgrim, Understanding Jim Crow is both a grisly tour through America’s past and an auspicious starting point for racial understanding and healing.

“One of the most important contributions to the study of American history that I have ever experienced.” —Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African American Research

“This was a horrific time in our history, but it needs to be taught and seen and heard. This is very well done, very well done.” —Malaak Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz

David Pilgrim is a professor, orator, and human rights activist. He is best known as the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum—a ten-thousand-piece collection of racist artifacts located at Ferris State University, which uses objects of intolerance to teach about race, race relations, and racism.

Wednesday, June 8, 7pm
Jason Henderson & Nicole Foletta discuss their new book
Low Car(bon) Communities: Inspiring car-free and car-lite urban futures published by Routledge

low carbon

With increasing awareness of the urgent need to respond to global warming by reducing carbon emissions and recognition of the social benefits of car-free and car-lite living, more and more city planners, advocates, and everyday urban dwellers are demanding new ways of building cities. In Low Car(bon) Communities, authors Nicole Foletta and Jason Henderson examine seven case studies in Europe and the United States that aim explicitly to reduce dependency on cars. Innovative and inspirational, these communities provide a rich array of data and metrics for comparison and analysis. This book considers these low car(bon) communities’ potential for transferability to cities around the world, including North America.
Aimed at practicing city planners, sustainable transportation advocates, and students in planning, geography, and environmental studies, this book will be an invaluable benchmark for gauging the success of sustainable urban futures.

Nicole Foletta has worked in the field of transportation planning for over ten years under a variety of contexts, from public to private sector, with experience in both Europe and the United States.

Jason Henderson is Professor in Geography & Environment at SF State and author of Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco, one of The Green Arcade’s all-time bestsellers. His research and teaching include transportation and land use, with an emphasis on how culture and politics shape urban transportation policy.


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