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Thursday, July 2, 7pm
Meet Franco La Cecla
author of Against Architecture

Against Architecture  has been translated into many languages, was published in English by The Green Arcade and PM Press in 2012 (translated by San Franciscan Mairin O’Mahony) and is now in its 3rd printing.

Franco will talk about his book in light of the recent changes in San Francisco, as well as his current projects.   

Born in Palermo in 1956, Franco La Cecla is a renowned anthropologist and writer. He has taught anthropology in many European and Italian cities such as Palermo, Venice, Verona, Paris, and Barcelona. In 2005 he founded the Architecture Social Impact Assessment, ASIA, an agency that evaluates the social impact of architectural and city planning projects.

In addition he has created several documentaries, one of which, In Altro Mare (In Another Sea) won the Best Coastal Culture Film award at the 2010 San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. His latest book is Contro l’urbanistica, which will be published by The Green Arcade/PM Press in 2016.

Wednesday, July 8, 7:00pm
San Francisco Book Launch for
Cool Don't Live Here No More by Tony Robles

Tony will read from his book and sign copies. Refreshments will be served!

"In poems and vignettes, Tony Robles has written the generational memory of San Francisco at the point where alienation, deportations, and technological invasions are gutting its soul. This Filipino activist just won't have it and neither will you after reading this superb book that restores the sense of a People's City."—Jack Hirschman

Tony Robles was born and raised in San Francisco. He is the author of two children's books, Lakas and the Manilatown Fish and Lakas and the Makibaka Hotel, written for his son, Lakas. He is co-editor and a revolutionary worker scholar of Poor magazine. In 2010 he was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Mythium Literary Journal for his short story, "In My Country." Robles is also a housing rights advocate and board member of the Manilatown Heritage Foundation. He currently lives in Oakland with his wife Tiny and his son Tibu.

Tuesday, July 14, 7pm, in conjunction with LaborFest 2015
Harvey L. Smith presents his book
Berkeley and the New Deal

Harvey L. Smith has been researching this part of Berkeley’s history for more than two decades. The images in this volume have been selected from local and national archives and from the author’s contemporary photographs of the living legacy of the New Deal.

Like the heritage of the New Deal in San Francisco, Berkeley’s 1930s and early 1940s New Deal left a lasting legacy of utilitarian and beautiful infrastructure. These public buildings, schools, parks, and artworks helped shape the city and thus the lives of its residents. It is hard to imagine Berkeley without them. The artists and architects of these projects mention several themes: working for the community, responsibility, the importance of government support, collaboration, and creating a cultural renaissance.

These New Deal projects, however, can be called “hidden history” because their legacies have been mostly ignored and forgotten. Comprehending the impact of the New Deal on one American city is only possible when viewed as a whole. More than history, this book shows the period’s relevance to today’s social, political, and economic realities. The times may again call for comprehensive public policy that reaches Main Street.

Thursday, July 23, 7pm
Michael Lerma and Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
In Converstation

Michael Lerma (P'urhépecha) is the author of Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century: Knowledge for the Indigenous Spring and is Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs & Applied Indigenous Studies at Northern Arizona University. His recent research has explored the efficacy of traditional Diné (Navajo) institutions of governance. Michael's research generally advocates for future Native Nation building via consolidation of Indigenous interests and expansion of Native Nation control of norms within the international political economy.

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the UnitedStates, now in its 9th printing--since last fall!

Monday, August 24, 7pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
At the 3rd Floor McRoskey Mattress Factory, 1687 Market St.

Megan Prelinger:
Inside the Machine: Art and Invention in the Electronic Age,
published by W. W. Norton

“A highly original cultural history of 20th-century technology examined through the lens of commercial art…. Sophisticated in its grasp of science and technological history but also accessible to general readers.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“An essential and eye-popping visual history of electronics, a glimpse of the electronic infrastructure captured in the brief moment before it miniaturized down to a scale too small for the eye to see, disappearing from our ordinary view forever, even as it burrowed into our buildings, streets, vehicles and even our bodies.”
— Cory Doctorow coeditor of Boing Boing and author of In Real Life and Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free

Megan Prelinger is a cultural historian and archivist, and the author of Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race 1957–1962.  She is cofounder and information designer of the Prelinger Library in San Francisco, where she lives.

Entrance: $3.00, free with the purchase of the book, at the door.
Thanks to our Host, the McRoskey Mattress Company


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