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Wednesday, March 28, 7pm
James Tracey & The End of the End of the World Cabaret Presents:
Ananda Esteva, Adam Smyer, & Kate Jessica Raphael

Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue Alvarez, cover

Ananda Esteva's The Wanderings of Chela Coatlicue Alvarez: Touring Califaztlan (Transgress Press) is the first installment of a trilogy of coming-of-age adventures that follows a young brazen musical prodigy in search of a sacred bass once owned by legendary blues musician Sugar Gonzalez.

Knucklehead, cover

Adam Smyer's Knucklehead (Akashic Press) is a fierce, intelligent, and often hilarious novel about a young African American attorney who struggles to keep his cool in the politically (and personally) turbulent ’90s.

murder under the fig tree, cover

Kate Jessica Raphael is the author of Murder Under the Bridge and Murder Under the Fig Tree (She Write Press). In the latter book, Hamas has taken power in Palestine, and the Israeli government is rounding up people considered threats. Palestinian policewoman Rania Bakara finds herself thrown in prison, though she has never been part of Hamas. Chloe flies in from San Francisco to free her friend – and rekindle her romance with Tina, a beautiful Palestinian Australian. The only way Rania can get out of jail is by agreeing to investigate the death of a young gay Palestinian in a village near her home.
Thursday, April 12, 7pm
Poet Katy Bohinc, author of Dear Alain
Introduced by Kevin Killian

Katy Bohinc

“We are presented with an audacious epistolary: a young American poet, based in New York, writes in English to the eminent French theorist Alain Badiou (born in Rabat, Morocco, in 1937), and writes him love letters of astonishing honesty and passion. Echoes of Max Ophuls fill my mind as I read through the first fifty pages, letter after letter from Katy, no response from le philosophe--you've seen Joan Fontaine write pages and pages to Louis Jourdan, filling the screen with impassioned hand, in Letters from an Unknown Woman, right? It's the saddest picture in movie history, so my first instinct is to say that young Bohinc has set her sights too high, and that he, "dear Alain," won't even remember her if shown a picture of her after her death. But then finally I get it, that what she is proposing is no ordinary love affair, but rather a test of love, a test to be played out according to her understanding of his writing, and the main action of the book turns into an interrogation, then a subversion, of his tenets, of the monstrances in which his words are displayed: his books and articles and public statements. As she writes, she changes his writing, at least its import, perhaps its meaning….”
—Kevin Killian

Tuesday, May 1st, 7pm MAY DAY! MAY DAY!
Richard Walker, author of
Pictures of a Gone City: Tech and the Dark Side of Prosperity in the San Francisco Bay Area
Phil Cohen, author of
Archive That Comrade! Left Legacies and the Counter Culture of Remembrance

Rhichard Walker & Phil Cohen, author photos, book covers

Richard A. Walker is professor emeritus of geography at the University of California. He has written on a diverse range of topics in economic, urban, and environmental geography. He is coauthor of The Capitalist Imperative (1989) and The New Social Economy (1992) and has written extensively on California, including The Conquest of Bread (2004), The Country in the City (2007) and The Atlas of California (2013). Walker is currently director of the Living New Deal Project, whose purpose is to inventory all New Deal public works sites in the United States and recover the lost memory of government investment for the good of all.

Phil Cohen played a key role in the London counterculture scene of the 1960s. As “Dr. John” he was the public face of the London street commune movement and the occupation of 144 Piccadilly, an event that briefly hit the world’s headlines in July 1969. He subsequently became an urban ethnographer, and for the past forty years he has been involved with working-class communities in East London documenting the impact of structural and demographic change on their livelihoods, lifestyles, and life stories. Currently he is research director of LivingMaps, a network of activists, artists, and academics developing a creative and critical approach to social mapping. He is also professor emeritus at the University of East London and a research fellow of the Young Foundation.

Wednesday, May 2, 7pm
The SF Tenants Union and the San Francisco Community Land Trust Present:
Amanda Huron, author of Carving Out the Commons: Tenant Organizing and Housing Cooperatives in Washington, D.C.

Carving Out the Commons, cover

Provoked by mass evictions and the onset of gentrification in the 1970s, tenants in Washington, D.C., began forming cooperative organizations to collectively purchase and manage their apartment buildings. These tenants were creating a commons, taking a resource—housing—that had been used to extract profit from them and reshaping it as a resource that was collectively owned by them.

In Carving Out the Commons, Amanda Huron theorizes the practice of urban “commoning” through a close investigation of the city’s limited-equity housing cooperatives. Drawing on feminist and anticapitalist perspectives, Huron asks whether a commons can work in a city where land and other resources are scarce and how strangers who may not share a past or future come together to create and maintain commonly held spaces in the midst of capitalism. Arguing against the romanticization of the commons, she instead positions the urban commons as a pragmatic practice. Through the practice of commoning, she contends, we can learn to build communities to challenge capitalism’s totalizing claims over life.

“Through interviews and historical research, Amanda Huron gives us an in-depth description of the formation of a housing cooperative in Washington, D.C. in the ’70s and develops a theoretical structure enabling us to generalize this experience to other cities.” --Silvia Federici, author of Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation

“Amanda Huron illuminates new ways of thinking what social justice in the City can look like. Her writing is rigorous yet upholds the dignity of the people she studies and their attempts to stake out a right to their city. Carving Out the Commons will be a go-to both for academics and organizers in the coming years.” --James Tracy, author of Dispatches Against Displacement: Field Notes from San Francisco's Housing Wars

Wednesday, May 16, 7pm
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz talks about her latest book
Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment
Introduced by James Tracy

Loaded, cover and author photo

From the author of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, Loaded is a deeply researched—and deeply disturbing—history of guns and gun laws in the United States.  From Daniel Boone and Jesse James, to the NRA and Seal Team 6, gun culture has colored the lore, shaped the law, and protected the market that arms the nation. In Loaded, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz peels away the myths of gun culture to expose the true historical origins of the Second Amendment, revealing the racial undercurrents connecting the earliest Anglo settlers with contemporary gun proliferation, modern-day policing, and the consolidation of influence of armed white nationalists. From the enslavement of Blacks and the conquest of Native America, to the arsenal of institutions that constitute the "gun lobby," Loaded presents a people's history of the Second Amendment.

"Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz's Loaded is like a blast of fresh air. She is no fan of guns or of our absurdly permissive laws surrounding them. But she does not merely take the liberal side of the familiar debate."—Adam Hochschild, The New York Review of Books

"Her analysis, erudite and unrelenting, exposes blind spots not just among conservatives, but, crucially, among liberals as well. . . . As a portrait of the deepest structures of American violence, Loaded is an indispensable book."
The New Republic

James Tracy writes on cities, hidden histories & social movements, and is the author of Dispatches Against Displacement & Hillbilly Nationalists

Wednesday, June 6, 7pm
Poets Hazel White, Denise Newman and Jennifer S. Cheng
Wednesday, August 1, 7pm
Tina Gerhardt on her new book:
Screening the Red Army Faction: Historical and Cultural Memory


Autographed by the author, Rebecca Solnit

Nonstop Metropolis, A New York Atlas

Nonstop Metropolis, the culminating volume in a trilogy of atlases, conveys innumerable unbound experiences of New York City through twenty-six imaginative maps and informative essays. Bringing together the insights of dozens of experts—from linguists to music historians, ethnographers, urbanists, and environmental journalists—amplified by cartographers, artists, and photographers, it explores all five boroughs of New York City and parts of nearby New Jersey. We are invited to travel through Manhattan’s playgrounds, from polyglot Queens to many-faceted Brooklyn, and from the resilient Bronx to the mystical kung fu hip-hop mecca of Staten Island. The contributors to this exquisitely designed and gorgeously illustrated volume celebrate New York City’s unique vitality, its incubation of the avant-garde, and its literary history, but they also critique its racial and economic inequality, environmental impact, and erasure of its past. Nonstop Metropolis allows us to excavate New York’s buried layers, to scrutinize its political heft, and to discover the unexpected in one of the most iconic cities in the world. It is both a challenge and homage to how New Yorkers think of their city, and how the world sees this capitol of capitalism , culture, immigration, and more.

 Contributors: Sheerly Avni, Gaiutra Bahadur, Marshall Berman, Joe Boyd, Will Butler, Garnette Cadogan, Thomas J. Campanella, Daniel Aldana Cohen, Teju Cole, Joel Dinerstein, Paul La Farge, Francisco Goldman. Margo Jefferson, Lucy R. Lippard, Barry Lopez, Valeria Luiselli, Suketu Mehta, Emily Raboteau, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Luc Sante, Heather Smith, Jonathan Tarleton, Astra Taylor, Alexandra T. Vazquez, Christina Zanfagna

 Interviews with: Valerie Capers, Peter Coyote, Grandmaster Caz, Grandwizzard Theodore, Melle Mel, RZA

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